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We are practitioner in Marketing Communication Services with the aim of creating and upgrading the level of Technology in our localities through Computer, improving the quality of Printing and Promoting transaction in an organization to create understanding with their Services, Products, ideas and corporate identity through:
  • Marketing Research;
  • Sales of Office Equipment (Computer, Printer, Scanner, Copier, Stationaries, etc);
  • Production of Security Documents; Cheque Book, Dividend/Share Certificates, School Testimonial, Bank Papers, Election Materials, Answer Booklets, etc;
  • Printing Services: Textbooks, Posters, Yearbook, Almanac, Calendar, Handbills, Diaries, Billboards, Programme, Photo Book, Year Planner, Brochures, AGM Reports, Stickers, Paper Bag etc;
  • Screen Printing: Vests, T-Shirts, Caps, Pen, Umbrella, Nylon, Key-holders, Towel, etc;
  • Monogramming, Heat Transfer etc;
  • Signage: Billboard, Signboard, Neon Sign, Direction, Reflector etc;
  • Production of Corporate Identity Cards;
  • Graphics Design and Visual Presentations;
  • Corporate Training
  • Business Development and Consultancy services
  • 24 Hours 6Days services

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    Kord Impression services

    KORD Impression


    Large Format Printing

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    Graphics design

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    Conventional-Computer-To-Plate services


    Industrial Lamination

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    Graphic design  |  CTCP  |  Impression  |  Large format  |  Industrial lamination  |  Product packaging | Die cutting | Digital passport | Perfect binding | General business services & a lot more!

    We Have Become The Best Choice For Top Businesses, Institutions, Individuals & Governmental Bodies

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    01. Over 20 years of providing printing solutions

    Established in 2008, Real Exploits Concepts has navigated and evolved from a single firm to an all-rounded experienced printing company.

    02. Extreme attention to details

    We understand that details are integral parts of every design. We concentrate on the information provided by businesses and ensure that we fully understand the message they try to pass thereby enabling us provide the right design ideas for their businesses

    03. Reasonable prices {Value for money}

    Our prices are tailored to ensure that quality services and product are offered at the best reasonable prices.

    04. Physical & Remote delivery systems

    Distance is not a barrier in rendering patronizing Us. Goods can be picked up either on-site or through delivery all in the care of safety minded personnels.

    05. 24Hours Express Printing Service

    Exercise Books

    Nemie Exercise Books

    Imperial Exercise Books

    Phonics Verbal Reasoning

    60 Leaves Drawing Book

    Annual Reports

    Verbal Reasoning

    Lecture Notebooks

    Published Books

    Product Packaging

    Carton Production

    Cake Delivery Box

    32 Cake Box

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    Cake Box

    Roll Up Banners

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    We are here with a track record of our progress over the past decades. With validated figures, we present to you our statistical facts attesting to the reason why we are your #1  Digital Printing Company.

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    Be it any type of service: Graphics design, Printing, Publishing, Cartons, Car Branding, T.Shirt customizing, Customized mugs, Souvenirs & gift items, Nylons, Exercise books, Notepads, Roll up banners & many more. We are up to the task. Why wait further?

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    Suite 1-4, Hameed Raji Complex, 51 Gbongan/Ibadan Express, Opp Mobil Filling Station, by GOF Junction, Ogo-Oluwa, Osogbo, Osun State